We just like meeting a friend every time when we visit Cocoon

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the excellent service provided by Paddy. Thanks so much for her sincere advice and patience. We just like meeting a friend every time when we visit Cocoon. We also like the gorgeous gowns in Cocoon a lot! They are so wonderful!! We would definitely recommend our friends to choose their gowns in Cocoon~~ ^^
Jessica & Ronald


Louise and Kevin

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好多謝 Cocoon 亞朗當日既幫助,令我可以租到一套咁特別既褂。第時啲姊妹結婚,我一定會介紹佢地。^^

Mandy & Wyman

Mandy & Wyman

No need to waste time on searching other bridal companies...


Our contact with Cocoon bridal company was one of an extremely pleasant experience. With high levels of customer service along with a superb friendly manner they provided what we would deem 1st Class service.

The atmosphere in the shop is extremely cosy and staff are all generally very pleasant and makes all who come in feel very welcome.

In terms of our wedding plan it's not your average daily case. Due to the fact that we got married abroad, but still this did not hinder the level of service; and the staff who dealt with us was very accommodating and flexible in terms of the company's resources. We were allowed to take the bridal dress abroad for a total of almost 10 days before it was flown back and returned to them.

Staff members were not being pushy when it came to purchases, or renting particular items. I was given lots of freedom to look and choose the particular items which suited me but without having the feeling of a restricted time frame.

They give honest and professional advice when it comes to choosing dresses, accessories which goes with it. If an item doesn't suit the dress you choose, they will ensure that they make this clear to you from their position as a professional. They aren't not all about 'sell as much as you can' in policy we feel.


Cocoon comes across as being a stylish company with so many dresses which gives so much character to the person wearing the dress. I've come across quite a few companies in magazines which only offer you what I deem 'typical' wedding dresses. Having seen Cocoon's products and their ability to use stylish fabrics and create dresses in such glamorous ways I found myself unable to go to anywhere else to search for my ideal wedding dress; they were my first and only choice in the end. I simply found their bridal products suits my style. Therefore no need to waste time on searching other bridal companies.

I feel they are certainly able to appeal to any particular age group, but for me I feel they push towards the more 'hip' stylish requirements of your 20-30 year age group of couples.

Unlike other bridal companies they have in-house designers to design bridal wear and accessories/jewelleries. So it's a completely unique way to choosing and tailor making your ideal dress. Most of the jewelleries are hand-made and 'one piece only'. As they are designed by in house designers so you can mix and match the outfits with accessories perfectly in same style. It completes the picture/story.

In the end everything I was wearing for my wedding was in some form or way Cocoon made products. This was for both our pre-wedding photos AND for our actual wedding day.
Inti & SinChi - from London UK
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I was very impressed by the trendy design of Chinese gown as well as plenty of choice for the evening...

It was nice experience to join the gown rental package from Cocoon. I was very impressed by the trendy design of Chinese gown as well as plenty of choice for the evening or wedding gown.

Also, their head piece accessories are amazing too. Last but not the least, I truly thanks Long Long who helped me a lot in the gown selection process. Long Long is very patient and friendly, just like my bridesmaid.
Betty Cheng
Betty & Lewis Betty & Lewis Betty & Lewis



最初都有些擔心找禮服的過程未必這麼順利,很怕找不到自己想要的款式,不過十分慶幸自己在找婚紗禮服的初段已經遇到 Cocoon! 個人覺得 Cocoon 的婚紗禮服款式有別於傳統,有簡單設計卻可以表現新娘身段的款式,亦有誇張得來卻又不流俗套的,各種款式都令人愛不釋手!

我於拍婚紗照及結婚當中均是穿著 Cocoon 出品的禮服,每一件我與丈夫都十分喜歡!朋友來賓亦紛紛向我們表示讚賞,真的十分開心!另外,值得表揚的還有在挑禮服過程中協助我們的婚紗顧問 -- 阿朗 Jasily!

面對各式各款的禮服,由無從入手、到三心兩意、再到找到最愛,阿朗的專業意見幫了我們很多很多~~ 真的很感謝她!!

我絕對會向朋友推薦 Cocoon!"
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